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Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Setup

There are many reasons Australians see SMSFs as an attractive investment to support them through retirement. SMSFs give you complete control over your investment decisions and wealth building strategy.

You can create wealth for your family by pooling resources and assets from family members into one SMSF.

The ATO closely monitors SMSF rules and obligations. AC Accounting can give you expert financial guidance to make sure your SMSF is professionally managed and achieves the best possible outcome for you.

  • Strategy: SMSFs give you nearly unlimited investment options from farm land to priceless paintings. The AC Accounting team will handle your SMSF setup, documentation, and registration with ease and efficiency. You will control your super and be able to fund a comfortable retirement.

  • Structure: trust deed establishment can be complex and overwhelming. Our SMSF specialists help you achieve your super fund goals by making sure your trust deed is up to date with current super rules. We give you friendly, professional advice so you understand how your investments are structured to create wealth.

  • Admin: we do the hard work of dealing with the ATO, keeping accurate records, preparing benefits statements, lodging annual returns, delivering investment reports, and more. All you have to do is sign your name.

  • Compliance: an SMSF auditor will analyze your financial statements and conduct a compliance audit of your SMSF. AC Accounting can help you prepare annual statements and keep your fund in compliance with the constantly changing superannuation regulations.

Income Tax Return for Company (Including financial statement)

Leaving tax returns too late means you miss out on opportunities to maximize your revenue. Enjoy stable business growth and up to millions in savings when our company tax specialists design a plan to protect your assets and maximize your deductions.

  • Our accountants have 20+ years’ experience navigating the intricacies of Australian Taxation
  • We focus on convenience and efficiency to help you avoid penalties
  • You are guaranteed to have low cost returns

Income Tax Return for Small Businesses, Trust & Partnership

Keep your small business returns, trusts, and partnerships in the safe hands of our accounting professionals. We give you friendly, personalized advice and help you avoid problems with the ATO.

  • We make sure your small business tax return won’t attract an ATO audit
  • Preparing partnership tax returns for Australian businesses can be complicated. But we always lodge returns on time and help you reduce tax expenses
  • We manage your trust tax return expertly so taxes won’t waste your trust away

Income Tax Return for SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund)

If you have a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), you need to lodge a tax return for your SMSF as well as your annual individual tax return. Without professional help, tax assessments will surprise you and wipe out the savings you plan to retire on.

  • Our trusted professionals can handle your SMSF Audit and your SMSF Return
  • Our experts will reduce your SMSF taxes so your fund produces income
  • We can determine whether your SMSF needs GST registration

Personal Tax Return

With over 25K tax returns completed, you can rest assured our specialists will get your tax done efficiently so you receive the highest possible return payment.

  • We can help you whether you’re self-employed or salaried
  • Get advice on how to create and preserve long-term wealth
  • We strategize the best way to minimize your liabilities

Cash Flow Preparation

Cash keeps your small business alive. Our accounting experts monitor and analyze where your money is coming in and where it is going out. We can help you make smart decisions about how your business operates.

  • Meticulous cash management is vital to your business growth
  • Help your business run smoothly by making sure cash is coming in and going out on time
  • We prepare statements that help you increase your working capital


We can save you from the hassle of organizing your books and preparing your paperwork. Enjoy more time to manage and grow your business.

  • We use professional bookkeeping software (MYOB, Xero certified advisor and QuickBooks)
  • We’ll help you establish a bookkeeping system if you don’t have one
  • You will have the freedom to access your books anytime you need

Business Advice

We help you achieve your dreams with superior business advice and financial expertise. Enjoy our wide range of business consulting services including:

  • Assessing the tax advantages of superannuation
  • Income and deductions for business
  • Qualification and assessment for Personal Services Business (PSB)
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Assessment of Family Tax Benefit

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning, or tax-effective investing, prevents individuals and businesses from paying more tax than they need to. We design solid tax plans that help you minimize tax and get the best possible return.

  • We help you implement custom strategies for your business
  • Take advantage of available concessions
  • Our professionals keep your records and financial statements up to date

Company Setup

Starting a business means you have to choose from one of four business structures. Let us help you make the right choice and get your business started on the right path to success. In addition to registering your company’s name with ASIC, we can help you with PAYG, obtaining an ABN, GST Registration, and your Tax File Number. We can help you set up any of the four business structures:

  • Company ASIC Registration Package
  • Trust Setup
  • Partnership Setup
  • Sole Trader ABN Registration

Trust Setup

We have the experience to assess risk, optimize benefits, and help you find the right trust to manage your wealth and protect you from creditors.

  • We’ll discuss your options and help you with everything including with tax filings
  • Although discretionary trusts (or family trusts) are the most popular, you need a specialist to
    maintain tax compliance
  • We’ll complete your ongoing tax returns

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