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AC Accounting & Taxation services is a boutique tax agency under the guidance of principal Ali Chowdhury.

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With 20+ years’ experience, we have made over 25,000 tax returns and offered fresh tax saving advice to more than 5,000 small businesses.

Our polite, professional, and honest approach means we are regarded as one of the best accounting and business advisory services in Sydney. We have loyal, long-term customers because our team goes above and beyond to reduce your costs, streamline processes, mitigate risk, and offer strategic tax guidance at an affordable price.

We pride ourselves on listening patiently to your questions and concerns so we can tailor a solution that works for you.

01 Professional

We don’t make the common mistake of failing to provide the latest small business concessions to our clients.

02 Focused

We don’t just let data rollover into tax software. We do activity analyses on client reports and find out significant variance by comparing prior year data.

03 Serious

We’re more than number crunchers and report writers. We blend numbers with your personal circumstances (including family) to earn you the best possible tax benefits.
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Since 2001

Ali Chowdhury has a long period of education, including a Master of Business in Accounting from UTS. Ali has worked with many CPA firms and developed substantial experience in small business operations, accounting transactions, taxation & business law, commercial law, Directors duty & responsibility, company tax compliance, and business re-structuring.

Now Ali manages his own practice and uses his deep knowledge of Australian tax law to help small business with simplified BAS & GST rulings, capital gain, franking credit adjustment, SMSF & Trust tax compliance including preparation of financial reports, and much more.

Let’s build systems that create wealth, together.

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