Success story

How we have helped two entrepreneurs
to set up the right company

Onmove Pty Ltd

Sergio and Manuel wanted to set up their business, Onmove – a fast-growing start up intended to change the patterns and conception of advertising. Ali Chowdhury, AC Accounting’s principal, helped the two young entrepreneurs prepare the right company structure.

Ali had a discussion with Manuel and Sergio to understand their goals and personal circumstances. Ali analyzed the risk in the partnership the two entrepreneurs had set up and explained to them why a partnership had significant disadvantages.

By setting up the right structure, a PTY LTD Company, Ali helped reduce business risk and maximize the flexibility of distribution.

Once the company was setup, Ali created a strategy to help Sergio and Manuel sustain their business and slowly double their revenue. With a partnership structure, Onmove earned 60k; but within 3 years of being a PTY LTD Company, Onmove was doing 700K.

Ali crafted a plan to cut Onmove’s expenses for every BAS and final tax return so the growing business could hire more staff.

Not only did Ali set up super for all of Onmove’s new employees, he helped Sergio and Manuel understand the importance of super guarantee and the new changes on superannuation law.

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